DIB Yield

DIB Bonds on ApeSwap (coming soon)

DIB Yield will be launching DIB Bonds on ApeSwap (ex ApeSwap Treasury Bills or TBills) on ApeSwap in May, 2023! ApeSwap Bonds are innovative yield-generating NFT products that allow users to purchase tokens at a discount in exchange for their liquidity provider (LP) tokens.
Bonds make it possible to source sustainable liquidity for the ApeSwap DEX and for partner projects like DIB Yield, solving many pain points in the current liquidity renting model used by the vast majority of the DeFi industry.

How to buy the DIB Bonds on ApeSwap

You will be able to buy the DIB Bonds on the ApeSwap platform. See this guide for instructions: https://apeswap.gitbook.io/apeswap-finance/product-and-features/raise/treasury-bills/how-to-buy-a-treasury-bill
Last modified 10mo ago