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Play 2 Burn Game Series

Get ready to deposit your stakes and take on the boss!
DIB Yield is excited to introduce our first Play to Burn crypto game! A game of chance, and a game of opportunity with fun lore and colorful characters. Stake together to win! https://app.dibyield.com/game

Game Description

Welcome to the elite department of the DIB [Dog in Black].
As you may know from devastating news reports, a while ago Buterin the Animal from the planet Boglodotia arrived on Earth. While the world governments are at a loss, it’s DIB that’s been monitoring the situation. And we have a plan to defeat him, thanks to our new advanced weapons. But today, we need your help.
DIB is a game of chance that allows players to stake their funds and bet on their ability to defeat Buterin the Animal. The more funds are staked, the higher the chances of victory.
Only together we can gain the funds needed to finance our operation against Buterin the Animal.


Boglodites. Parasitic Aliens from Boglodotia. Survive by devouring planet after planet. They will devour Earth unless they are stopped.
Buterin the Animal. The main villain. Plans to conquer Earth and, perhaps, devour it to sustain himself and his species.
CZ Bug Twins, Kylo the Squid, Tentacle Sam, AIB [Alien in Black]. Buterin the Animal’s formidable lieutenants and protectors. His right, left, and other hands.

Game Mechanics

First, the playing time and the boss’s HP are set up. Then it’s up to users to deposit or stake their funds into the game. Every deposited coin adds HP to DIB.
If DIB wins, the rewards are distributed among all players.
If DIB loses, the tokes are burned.
The more funds users deposit, the more likely it is to win.
The winning mechanism follows an algorithm described in examples below:
  • totalDeposits = hp => winning probability 1/1 (50%)
  • totalDeposits = 2 * hp => winning probability 2/1
After the playing time runs out, a Fight the Boss button will appear. Press it to finish the game and view the result.
The result will be randomized by Arbitrum-approved https://randomizer.ai/ Oracle, changing the status to either WIN or LOSE. In case of a loss, users’ funds are transferred to a DEAD address. Winning users can withdraw a reward, proportional to their deposits.
Join hundreds of players from all around the world, accumulate funds, and play to win! https://app.dibyield.com/game

Game Factory Smart Contracts

Game Factory smart contract 0xc478CE1feCa3146d69fBA0390639C5dde0f200Ed
First Game smart contract 0x852FbDbF7f20b4A1f7309386c485d8a38a93266F