DIB Yield


Security Audits

$DIB token and the DIB Yield platform received a thourough security audit from 0xGuard . See the audit report here:
Please note that audits don’t eliminate risks entirely.

What are the risks involved?

Security audits don’t eliminate risks completely so it is still possible a vulnerability could be found in DIB Yield smart contracts. High returns never come without risks.
On top of the DIB Yield smart contracts themselves, whenever you join a pool, you’re also accepting systemic risks from the coins in the pool. For example, if you do not want to have exposure to USDT, then you shouldn't join a pool that has it.
It’s important to choose a pool that matches your risk tolerance.

Security FAQ

DIB Yield Smart Contracts are fully compliant to SAFU standards imposed by leading DeFi platforms:
SAFU Standard
Сontracts are verified in the block explorer
Non-native tokens are from reputable bridges
Sufficient liquidity for swapping farm token rewards
Rug/migrator functions are either completely removed or timelocked sufficiently
No Rug/migrator functions
Farm token emission rates are timelocked
$DIB emission rate is max 10 DIB/sec. 24h-timelocked , see TimelockController Contract https://arbiscan.io/address/0x7e1b29859184fb64ea60848ed10eeed10a1f92d2#code
Farm token holders with >5% circulating supply must not be either externally owned accounts ("EOAs") or multi-sigs
No EOA farm token holders with balances >5% of circulating supply. Development and marketing address is a multisig.
All proxy implementation changes (i.e. upgrades to the contracts) must be timelocked
Smart contracts are not upgradable
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